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I am grateful and proud of the work, personal contributions and expert advice our team of Professionals have done to make the ARA University a valuable resource to help our Members and Vendors access the information and tools that help them build high performance organizations.
A special thank you to Dave Kennedy, our past president. for all his guidance, and personal contributions to making our Success Center not only a first in the Repossession Industry but the most comprehensive program to help members to reduce cost and improve productivity and increase the value of their companies.

Executive Director 2003-2022
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Easy access to repo document editable templates that can be downloaded and personalized to your company.

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Avoid Making Another Hiring Mistake

The Human Resource department is the backbone of any organization. Being an HR professional means un...

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Critical Security Issues in the Repo Industry

  1.     Be aware of what is around you and your surroundings. People can be a thre...

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